Mission and Sponsors

The California Genetic Privacy Network is a project of:


Alliance for Humane Biotechnology

The Network seeks to educate California consumers and the broader public on their genetic privacy rights under California and federal law.



Email: crg@gene-watch.org

5 Upland Road, Suite 3
Cambridge MA 02140
Tel (MA): (617) 868-0870
Fax: (617) 491-5344

30 Broad Street, 30th Fl.
New York, NY 10004
Tel (NY): (212) 361-6360

CRG was a leader of the successful efforts to enact the federal Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act, the California Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act as well as many of the state laws that preceded them and regulations that followed.


Alliance for Humane Biotechnology


155 21st Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94121
Tel:  (415)386-8414
Fax:  (415)821-1572

AHB has a long term dedication to privacy and nondiscrimination issues and is a California leader in raising awareness of the social implications of emergent biotechnologies.